Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome to the World!

The day FINALLY came. I really thought I was going to be pregnant forever ... No I am only kidding ;) But I was really happy when inducement day came. It was the strangest feeling waking up that day KNOWING I was going to be in hardcore labor at some point and eventually welcoming Jayce into the world!

I woke up Monday morning around 5am and COULD NOT get back to sleep, I eventually made my way down stairs and decided to watch my DVR'd Big Brother episode from Sunday night. Once it was over, I made my way back up stairs, woke my Momma up and then proceeded to get myself ready for the day. It was SO nice being able to straighten my hair and put make up on... You know get pretty for labor, cause that makes sence ;) haha.

We were supposed to leave the house around 7:25 in order to make it to the sitter for Ainsley, drop her off and then be at the hospital at 8am... Ya that didn't happen haha. We didn't leave till sometime after 7:30 and ended up being a tiny bit late to the hospital. Daniel was (of course) stressed out about getting there late, but I knew it really was not a big deal. I got all checked in at the desk and then the nurse came and took us back. She weighed me ... 195lbs, ew. Then took me into my labor room ... SO much nicer then the room I had with Ainsley. It was HUGE! I got into my nice comfy (and uber sexy I might add) birthing gown, got all hooked up and answered all the "Do you" "Have you" questions, got checked and I was what she called a "tight three". Meanwhile, I was surprised to see that I was actually contracting a little bit and was not feeling a thing. They were kinda all over the place and not the contractions that get you where you need to go, but was good to know my body WAS doing SOMETHING on it's own. So then the nurse got my IV in ... In one stick I might add, THANK GOD ... Started my fluids and the pitocin ... And then the waiting game started ...

Things went a lot slower then I thought they were going to with him. They say that your second baby always comes faster then your first and while yes, he did come in less time then it took me with Ains, I guess I was expecting to have him by late afternoon at the latest!!

They started my poticne


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