Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Smile Smile Smile, Be Happy

Well I am officially 38 weeks! I had my appt. today and sadly I have not changed any since last week :( Boo! I am so over being pregnant. I am sore, swollen, moody, sleep deprived, HOT ... I could keep going. I am just ready for Little Man to be here already.

I talked to my doctor today and she told me that if I haven't had him by the time I am 39 weeks she will schedule me to be induced on my due date :) So that makes me a tiny bit happier. I went a week and a day over with Little Miss and I SO do not want to do that with him. He's running out of room and it's really starting to hurt every time he moves. I keep telling him that there is TONS of room out here in the world and if he would just come out he would have plenty of room to stretch out and wiggle around ;) ... But I don't think he listens.

Here is my 38 weeks bump picture ... PS I am going though my "I kinda like my hair curly/wavy" stage ... It is SO much easier to just let it do it's own thing then stand there for 20-30 mins trying to straighten it ... lol.

And then here is my baby ... I mean big girl ... givin' baby *J* some lovins. She really does love her baby brother already. I hope it continues once he is actually here. She had been EXTREMELY clingy to me these last couple weeks!! All she wants to do is sit in my EXTREMELY small lap and it's SO uncomfortable. I think she knows that something big is about to happen. It's cute, but can be a tiny bit annoying at times.

I am happy to announce that my two girls friends that I sent the care packages too got them today ... I still am baffled that they both got them at the same time seeing as Florida is only 5hrs away and New Mexico is 26hrs away, but I digress. They both LOVED them and it made their day which makes me feel SO good that I could just make them happy!

Here is a picture that one of them took of everything in the box ... I didn't get a chance to before I sent it so I am happy one of them did :). The only different between the two was this one has a penguin and the other had a pink stuffed bear.

Well that is all I got for ya on this lovely Tuesday evening. I hope you all have a GREAT week and remember to Smile, Smile, Smile, Be happy even though the rough moments in life :)


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