Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Surprising Phone Call

So last night I am cooking dinner, the husband is watching YouTube videos, and the girls are in the living room playing dress up when my husband's phone rings. It's a number that isn't saved in his contacts so I bring him the phone, he answers and proceeds to chit chat with a woman. I have no idea who this person is, so I go back to cooking dinner...

Well when he gets off the phone, I go in and ask him who it was ... THE CHIEF'S WIFE! She was calling to check on me b.c she heard about everything that has gone on in the past week with my gallbladder and how much pain I have been in. She asked if there was anything we needed and then gave me her number and I was told to call her if I needed anything!

Now why am I blogging this you might ask?

Because this would have NEVER happened if we were still apart of my husband old squadron. He was apart of a HUGE 1000+ squadron and I was lucky if I walked into his building and get a hello. I love how family oriented this squadron is. I love how they called just to check on me. I love that I have the chief's wife's number in case I ever need it. Will I ever NEED to call her ... Probably not but just knowing that she took the time to call means the WORLD to me.

What I would have given for someone to call and check on me when I was going though my first deployment, with a 6 month old at the old squadron. What I would have given to be able to call and talk to someone about how I think there should be a support system for wives in the squadron ... Now I know there is someone like that here. I know that this squadron truly cares about their men and their families.

The more and more time goes by the more and more I love it here. I am happy that my husband made the decision to cross train out of maintenance and become a flyer. I am happy that we ended up in Georgia. I am happy to know that people here really do care and you aren't just some airman's wife. I love this squadron. I love that I got a phone call from someone I have never met checking on me. Days like this makes me VERY proud to be an air force wife :)


Jessica Lynn said...

:) That's so awesome! I love this base, too.

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