Tuesday, April 13, 2010

'Blessing' Sung by RJ Helton

This is simply AMAZING. If you know some one that is gay you know the struggles they go though every single day, but to go though struggles with the parents that raised them it makes things just THAT much harder. You parents are supposed to love and support you NO MATTER what you do or are. I am in tears after hearing this song and knew that I just had to share it with anyone that reads or comes across this blog.

If you know me personally you know this hits VERY close to home. I have a gay brother that struggled for YEARS about whether to come out to his family or not. I was the first person that he told and to this day I feel so very lucky that he trusted me enough to come to me and tell me. I love him more then words could ever describe. When every I think that I am lost, or that things are so bad, I look at him and think of the things he has been though and going though and it makes me step back and know that I can over come ANYTHING because he can. He is amazing and one day I can only hope that he gets all the rights he is supposed to have as a gay man. Love is love people, GET OVER IT!

I'm taking back my allegations
I misdirected my life
I've changed, I'm a different man
How our love ain't right
But I only wish, you would understand
How our love is exactly, what God has planned
Just try to remember...

That I'm still your baby, your blood, have your eyes, have your smile,
I'm sorry this hurts you, I'm sorry this numbs you
But I'm not ashamed of this fire I've inflamed
I was given this gift to love from heavens hands
Don't abandon me now for loving another man
All i ask is in time, you'll give me your blessing

I know deep down you love me, I could use that love right now
I know time heals the hurting, I just hope you come around
Cause I'm finally proud to state who i am
You close-minded thoughts won't leave me condemned
And im sorry this hurts you...

But I'm still your baby, your blood, have your eyes, have your smile,
Nothing has changed here, I'm still the same
You taught me to love with my heart, I still do
I was given this gift to love from heavens hands
And i know this is not the life you have planned
But i ask that in time, you'll give me your blessing


Cause I couldnt remain living inside this lie,
Every day that I do more and more of me dies
I'm just here to remind you
That I'm still your baby, your blood, have your eyes, have your smile,
I didn't mean to hurt you, I'm sorry your wounded
But I'm not ashamed of this fire I've inflamed
I was living this life for somebody else,
Now this is my chance to live it for myself
All i ask is in time, you give me your blessing

Give your blessing

Your blessing

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby *J*'s Registry

Hunk and I have petty much finished up Little Man's baby registry!!

If you wanna help us out and get something here is a link for them!!

Oh and I am planning on coming down to Florida sometime in mid July for a baby shower so if my super-awesome-amazing friends in Florida wanna help me out and help me plan a shower that would be AWESOME ;o)



Thanks so much!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Pregnancy So Far... The First 20wks

Wow. Where do I even start. I guess I should start with the fact that I found out I was pregnant the day after Christmas. Hunk and I decided to start trying for baby #2 back in Aug. and we got pregnant I swear the day I took out my Mirena! But sadly we lost that baby and as much as it hurt I really don't think my body was ready for another baby. So as soon as we could try again we did and BAM pregnant again!! I really got everything I wanted for Christmas this year! Finding out I was pregnant was the best Christmas gift EVER.

This pregnancy had defiantly been completely different then when I was pregnant with Little Miss! The first 3 months were HELL. Sorry for the language but it WAS!! I couldn't hold anything down. Water would even come RIGHT back up sometimes. It pretty much SUCKED! But once I got past the 3rd month things seemed to clam down and I was actually able to start enjoy being pregnant again.

I started feeling the baby move EAAAAARLY like I was 14wks when I felt that first lil flutter. It's so crazy feeling those lil movements again. I love it!! This lil boy is SO active!! Every time I go into an appointment they have to chase him around my belly to get a good heartbeat read. I swear it takes 15mins AT LEAST for them to finally get him cornered. I just laugh and think to myself "oh man am I in for it."

Cravings ... Oh my God cravings. It seems like all I want is STEAK ... STEAK ... STEAK!!!!!! I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, & snacks!!! I mean I do crave other things like potatoes, apples, Dr Pepper, BBQ chips, carrots with ranch ... But I mean just thinking about steak right now has my mouth watering lol. This lil boy LOVES meat lol.

I know a lot of you are probably wondering how Little Miss took the news of getting a baby brother. Well ... LOL ... She really wanted a sister. She kept telling everyone that the baby was a sister ... When I told her she was getting a brother she told me "No Bubbas Momma" ... She is really too smart for her own good I swear! But I am sure once she sees the baby she will be happy. She is already calling the baby by his name and tells him that she loves him. I just hope she keeps up this mentality and loves the baby once he gets here.

All in all I can't complain too much :o) I am just ready to have him here with us so I can love on the lil booger and watch him grow up. I cannot wait for Hunk to teach him to play football and have water gun fights in the yard. I am just SO happy that Hunk is getting a son b.c after this one I really think that I am done having kids!! (BUT I will never say never again)...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's A ...

Well we found out what baby #2 is today and ...

IT'S A BOY!!!!

Yep that's right I knew it ALL ALONG!!!

This lil guy was NOT shy at all... He defiantly wanted the world to know that he was a boy lol. We still are deciding on a name so as soon as I know what it is I will let everyone know!!

He weighs 12oz and is measuring right on schedule! I just cannot believe that I am having a boy!

I am so so so so excited!!!!

Sleepy Baby

Last night Little Miss passed out on Hunk's lap. She doesn't do these things very often so when they happen we can't help but get excited. I snapped a few pictures :o) She is just so pretty when she is sleeping!! I love how she looks like a lil doll :o) I love her so so much!!


Atlanta Zoo Trip

This past weekend my Dad & Step Mom came up to visit us for Easter weekend. While they were here we decided that it was time to finally make a trip up to the Atlanta Zoo!! I LOVE this Zoo so so so much! There is TONS of shade from all the trees!! If you are ever able to make a trip there I HIGHLY suggest it!!

Here are some of the images I snapped while we were there:

This was the very first picture I took at the Zoo of Little Miss! She was VERY excited to see the animals! I love the smile she gave me, I don't think it could have been any bigger!

Many of you know that flamingos are my FAV animal ... I was a lil disappointed that these weren't as pink as I had hoped, but here they are any way :o)

We went into the parakeet cage and this sign was right when you walked in ... Couldn't help but laugh and take a pic!

And here are the petty parakeets ... We had quite a few of these birds as pets growing up ... Sadly each of them either flew way or died!!

This warthog decided he would be nice and rub his butt on the wall for Little Miss. She was yelling "Ewwwwwwwwwwww ... poopie!!!" LOL.

Watching the elephants ...

This elephant is getting out of a mud hole ... Thought it would be neat to show it as a collage.

Having fun with Kiki & Grumpa at the Zoo :o)

Checking out the meerkats with Kiki ... She thought there were Kittys and wanted to stay and watch them alllllllllll day lol.

A meerkat and one of the giraffes.

Hanging out with Daddy :o)

This gorilla came and sat right in front of the window so I could take a picture of him :o)

Grumpa showing Little Miss the gorilla and taking a picture. I totally took this picture with the camera above my head ... LOL, people must have thought I was crazy!

Another gorilla outside. The zoo had an Easter egg hunt for them, we just missed it, and this gorilla is sitting on one of the eggs hiding it from the others lol.

Okay so growing up my brother had a stuffed monkey that was his BEST friend. He named him Gramps, well when I saw this monkey my brother's monkey popped into my head. If Gramps was a real monkey this would be him!

Finally a couple pictures of me and my baby girl :o)

Our final stop at the Zoo was the petting zoo. My daughter does NOT like being dirty at all ... So this really wasn't that fun for her. In the first image she is saying "stinky" and holding her nose and in the second image Kiki is trying to get her to pet a pig. This defiantly was not one of Little Miss' fav moments of the zoo lol.

Once again I hope you enjoyed! Have a great day!!

Cherry Blossom Festavial 2010

My Mom, Step Dad & Brother came here for the weekend a couple weekends ago & we got a chance to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival for the first time. Let me tell you, there were defiantly some characters that showed up it lol. But all in all it was a good weekend. Although, Tom now knows that we NEVER EVER go to Georgia "flea markets" hahaha.

This first image is one that I snapped of some wind chimes, I just love all the pretty colors!!

This next one my brother actually took. I just love all the colors in this as well! I love it when the sky is blue like this! Makes the day just that much better!

Check out the size of this horse ... I mean dog! But really Little Miss could have gone on a pony ride on this thing!!

Just another pretty picture of a building, the blue sky & cherry blossoms!

My Mom and Step Dad with the city and traffic behind them.

Recently (because of the show Little Bear) Little Miss has a new obsession with mermaids, and let me tell you she FREAKED when she saw a stand selling them! So thank you Papaw Tom for buying this $12 mermaid ... It is now her best friend and goes EVERYWHERE with her!

I love it when I catch moments like this between Hunk and Little Miss. He is SUCH a good Daddy and loves that lil girl so so much. In this moment he is trying to get her to give him a kiss and she is telling him no b.c he is a yucky frog. She got that from the movie The Princess and the Frog.

Now for some family pics in front of the cherry blossoms.
This is me and my WONDERFUL hubby & then my Mom, Step Dad & Little Miss!

Mom was trying to give Little Miss a kiss and shes decided to be silly and make everyone laugh by doing a kissy face. She cracks me up!

This picture pretty much describes my brother, my mom & me to a 'T' ... *S* being uber sarcastic, my mom totally lost as to what is going on around her, and me being a super dork. LOL but I love this picture so so much!

Now he is one that shows that deep down we really do love each other ... Most of the time ;o)

And finally me and my brother being us. He is honestly my best friend and I really don't know what I would do without him in my life. He lives in Orlando now and I sure do miss living right down the road from each other. But I know that no matter what he is one of the only people I can truly count on in this world. He sets me straight when I need it and can make me laugh like no other. I love him so so much and am so thankful that I have such an amazing brother!!

Well I hope you enjoyed this super long post!! Have a great day!

First Blog!!

Guess you can say I am jumping on the band wagon of all my fellow mommy bloggers. I have been blogging my photography for over a year now but I figured I should start one about the life of the Armendingers too ;o)

As many of you know I am currently preggo with baby Armendinger #2! I am so excited about this pregnancy. Little Miss is at that stage where she LOVES babies and she is VERY sweet to all her baby dolls. She sees a baby when we are out in public and just wants to love on it and give it a big hug and kiss. I cannot believe she will be 3 this year. Where has the time gone? She is growing up waaaaaaay too fast. She is talking up a storm and has a HUGE imagination! I love watching her play by herself.

This past weekend Grumpa & KiKi came up to visit and Grumpa taught her the "chicken butt" joke so now all day I hear "Momma guess what" and I say "What" then she goes "Chicken Butt" and CRACKS up laughing then says "Got you Momma" like I didn't know I was coming I give her a HUGE laugh and she just lights up and laughs harder. I love that lil booger butt so so so much. She makes my days so amazing! I cannot wait to see her with the new baby!!

Today I find out what baby #2 is. I am really thinking it's a boy! I really want Hunk to have a son. I mean of course I will be happy with either one, but I only want two kids so a boy would be perfect! I will be posting another blog later on today letting everyone know what the baby is!!

Well I must go do the mommy/house wife thing now! Have an amazing day!!

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