Monday, August 9, 2010

A Good Whoops :)

So this morning Little Miss comes into our room around 7:15am like she does every morning to wake me up and tell me she's hungry. I (still have asleep) pick her up and lay her next to me and we cuddle so I have time to wake up before heading downstairs to make her breakfast. We lay together for a good 15mins before she will pop up and tell me that she wants to go downstairs. I then crawl out of bed and head to empty my bladder.

Well today she follows me in there and tells me "Momma I have to pee too. I'll go after you." Well this confuses me because she gets a diaper put on at night since we have been too chicken to potty train her though the night. (She is in panties all day, even during nap time, but before bed Dan puts a diaper on her.) So I look at her pajama shorts and it doesn't look bulky like there is a diaper under them... "*A* do you have a diaper on?" I ask her. "No, I have panties." She lifts the bottom of her short and yep sure enough ... She slept in panties!!!!

At this moment I am kinda freaking out worried she might have had an accident ... I go and check the bed ... Dry as a bone :) ... So I go back into the bathroom, sit her on the big potty (she normally uses a little potty) and she pees :) Talk about a proud Momma moment!!!

So because Hunk forgot to put a diaper on her he night before she slept though the whole night in panties and had ZERO accidents!! She trained us -- haha. Will this happen again? Probably not, but the fact that she did it makes me so so so proud!!! We may try it again tonight, but my sister is still her and her and Little Miss sleep together at night so I don't want Little Miss to have an accident with *G* in bed with her. We were planning on waiting till *G* goes back to Ohio to finish fully potty training. But I am so very happy that the first time she sleeps in panties the whole night she didn't have one single accident!! YAY for Little Miss<3


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