Thursday, August 19, 2010

Operation: EVICTION

Well it's official ... If I don't have Little man over the weekend I will be going in to be induced on Monday morning at 8am :)

I am so so so so so so so so happy! I have been in SO much pain the past couple weeks. His little head is so far down that it's actually keeping me from walking at times. Like I can't even lift my foot an inch off the grown without pain in my groan.

I went a week and a day over with his sister and SO did not want that happening this time. So today when I went in for my appt. I told my doctor about the pain (cried a little -- hey it helps), then she checked me and told me I was 2 almost 3cm 50% effaced and his head was still "high". Then she said "So you will be 39wks on Monday ... How about we plan for you to come in and be induced Monday morning at 8am if he doesn't come by then." My jaw hit the floor! UMMMM YES PLEASE! I am so over this pregnancy and so ready for him just to be here!!! She said she has a gut feeling that I will have him before then but it's just nice to know that by Tuesday my little man will be here in my arms :) and I so cannot wait to meet him!


Jessica Lynn said...

LOVE IT!!!! SO excited :) Oh my goodness :)

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