Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Convo with Little Miss

My daughter has just recently turned three and man is she at a fun age :) She can play by herself for hours and never get bored. It's crazy to see how much she understands. My husband and I will ask her questions from time to time just to see what she comes up with off the top of her head.

Here lately we have been asking her about Little Man. The other day she and I were cuddling on the couch, she was resting her head on my stomach when she popped up and yelled:

"Momma, momma, momma ... Baby *J* is coming."

The next day I started having contractions like crazy, and while they have tampered off, it kinda freaked me out.

Well tonight we (Hunk, Little Miss and I) were all in the living room watching TV getting her calmed down for bedtime when we had this convo:

Little Miss: Momma!! We need to go to the store!!
Me: Why baby? It's late at night.
Little Miss: We need to get baby *J* food, he's coming!
Hunk: *A* when is baby *J* coming?
Little Miss: Two days.
Hunk: Ok, so Thurs. when I am flying. What time?
Little Miss: 2:52
Hunk: Okay, how much is he going to weigh?
Little Miss: A car.

Now as much as I do not want him to weigh as much as a car, just hearing how opinionated she is about when he is coming just melts my heart. I love how excited she is about the arrival of her baby brother.

It will be interesting to see when he comes, and I would be super freaked out if he comes Thurs. at 2:52 lol.


Lindsay Gray said...

It's because she's a genius. But yes, Thursday will work. I agree. :-)

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