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BrookeHi there :) My name is Brooke and I am 20-something years young. I am the wife, mommy, maid, cook, entertainer, transportation specialist, referee & nurse in the Armendinger house hold! I am a HUGE fan of life & every bump that comes along with it!! You can almost never catch me with out a smile on my face! I love bear feet, hair in the wind, green grass, wild flowers, porch swings, & sweet tea. I guess you can say I am one true southern girl, I just don’t have the super cute accent. Here in the South we have a saying; “Lasseiz les bon temps rouler!” which means “Let the good times roll!” and I believe in living every moment in life this way!

Brooke&DanThat guy right there, he is my Hunk, he is the one that stole my heart. He is the Cheese to my Macaroni ... The Peanut Butter to my Jelly ... The one that keeps me grounded but lets me dream. I love him more the words could ever describe. Sure we don't have the perfect marriage, but honestly who does? We met Aug. of 2006 and were married Jan. 2007 ... Hey when you know you know right? I could not ask for a better husband<3 I love you Hunk!

AinsleyJayceThose little faces right there... They are the loves of my life. They are my world and I would do anything and everything for them. Little Miss was born Aug. 4th, 2007 and it is the day my life changed forever. She can be very testing at times but I love her and nothing she could ever do would make me love her any less. She is her Daddy's girl and her Momma's world! Little Man was born on Aug. 23rd at 7:52pm. He was 7lbs 9.5oz and 20 1/2in long. Life has been absolutely amazing since he came into my life. My heart is over flowing of love right now. He is really the perfect little baby. His birth story is one I will never ever forget. He is the perfect addition to our family :) I cannot wait to watch him grow up; but I am in no rush with it. I wish I could freeze time and keep him this little forever.<3

ArmendingerPartyof4All together we make up the "Armendinger Party of 4" crew. I love love love my "perfect" little family. We have our up and deffanty have our downs but we always come out on top stronger then ever. Our life may be crazy at times, but I would not have it any other way. There may be dirty dishes in the sink & laundary that needs cleaned, but there will never be a loss of love and support in this household. Will there eventually be a 5th member to our little crew ... Well we shall just have to wait and see ;)

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