Wednesday, August 4, 2010

36 Week Sonogram

This was the last time I will see baby *J* on a computer screen before he is here with us! I was SO excited going into this sonogram b.c the last time I saw his cute little face I was 20 weeks! With Little Miss I got to see her every time we went into my appointment.

He is perfect! When she first scanned over his face and I saw him I almost burst into tears... I was so happy to see him and to know that everything is okay and he is growing big and strong. He weighs about 7lbs and has the CHUBBIEST cheeks ever! She measured him at 36wks 2days, I still say I am 37wks but he will come when he is ready ... I know I am now ready for him to be here with us :)

Here are some sonogram pictures of him:

Yeeeeep ... he is ALL boy -- lol!

His sweet little face and chubby cheeks<3

Side profile

He had an itch and was scratching his lil face ... It was SO cute!

I am oh so excited to met our little man! I hope he comes sooner rather then later! Yesterday I had a check up and she checked me for dilation and honestly I was not expecting much ... maaaaaaaaybe a 1, a small 1cm. But I was a 2 ... a HIGH two :) Talk about a welcome surprise! Good to know my body is doing something! I know I could be stuck here for a while, but I am good with 2cm for now! My next appt. is Tues. and I cannot wait to see if I have gone up any! I am planning on walking every night to help get things going!! So come on baby *J* ... Momma is READY for you!


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