Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just Rambling ...

1. I am so very ready to have this baby. I went into "OMG I HAVE TO CLEAN EVERYTHING" mode yesterday and now my house is CLLLLLLEAN and ready for Little Man to make his appearance :) I am so excited to meet my little man and see what he looks like.

2. My AMAZING hunny was super sweet and got my windows tinted for me :) It's so nice now to not have those cheep sun shades on my windows.

3. We went to the Atlanta airport today to pick up my Momma and while we were there, the USO was there welcoming home soldiers. Every time they entered the baggage claim area they were cheers, whistles, hoots & hollers ... it was kind of amazing to experience! It choked me up and I started to cry a few times. I love seeing family members reunited and to see all the amazing support for our troops still to this day. I love it. Thinking about it right now has me all teary eyed.

4. Right now I am just trying to enjoy my time with Little Miss as an only child. It's crazy to think that by Tuesday I will be a Momma to two little Armendingers. I cannot believe that my baby girl is about to be a big sister ... It is almost bitter sweet to me. I am quiet scared how I am going to be able to manage two. Little Miss is my little shadow and follows me EVERY WHERE. She is 110% a Momma's girl. If I am awake, she is in my lap (or what's left of the lap I have right now). It drives me NUTS sometimes, but then I think about it and I love that she wants/needs me so much. Makes me know that I am doing something right and I am a good Momma :)

5. Few things I am looking forward to after having Little Man...
B. Being able to move at a normaly
C. Bing able to see my feet when I stand or even walk
D. Peeing less
G. No more horrible pain in my groan
H. Being able to sleep (well you know what I mean)

I think that's all I got for ya right now ... I am just loving life so so much right now. Cannot wait to post my birth story and pictures of Little man. Love to you all :)


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