Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Califorina Dreamin'

So this is kinda a continuation of the blog where I talked about Hunk going away for a year.

Hunk and I have been talking A LOT about this whole issues since the day he broke the news on me. He keeps telling me that things still aren't for sure but I am the kinda person that wants to be prepared for things like this so that when it happens I don't hit rock bottom. I like to hit rock bottom now, and then build myself up to get strong so that when it does happen I am ready for it and can tackle it head on.

We are at the point where we either volunteer for him to go or wait for him to get told to do. And people have already started being told to go. I would rather KNOW when he is going then be surprised. We are trying to figure out a good time for him to go. It sucks but it's kinda like we can't avoid it ya know ...

Well then there's more ... The more we talk about it the more I realize how much Hunk is actually REALLY excited about it. It's a REALLY good chance for him to get a head of the game kinda thing ... Can't really say more then that ... But the thing is, he is considering once he is home, actually staying with the plane and switching planes and going work on this one.

So if he decides to do this... we will be moving to California. Yes you read right ... CALIFORNIA. All the way across the country. Away from ALL our family. CRAZINESS!!! Am I excited? Kinda. Am I scared crapless? More then you could know. But you should see his face light up when he talks about working on this plane. He really seems excited about it. And I have told him since I met him that I will love, support and follow him no matter what.

Still nothing his set in stone, but just trying to keep everyone up to date on where we stand with this whole issue. Hopefully I will know something soon. Because lord knows I am ready to know what is going to happen!!


Anonymous said...

When Josh told me about this I was completely shocked.. We decided to plan for it, and we're pretty sure he's leaving in March.. I still can't believe it.. I was so upset when he broke the news to me. We definitely do not want to move to CA though. Good luck to you guys if you decide that route. :) I just hope we don't get forced into it.. I kinda like it here.

finding-my-heart said...

If it makes you feel better, the guy I am with now (my college sweetheart) is stationed out there near San Fran, so I will be visiting fairly frequently. Also, if it works out w us, there is a good chance I'll be moving to San Diego in 2 years. That is one of only 3 places he will be sent. So maybe we will end up near each other ;)

wishful nals said...

wow! excited to see how it all unfolds. :)

Shannon Hager said...

I just came across your blog! We are currently stationed at Beale. We have been here for about 5 years. We live off base. If you have any questions, please email me.

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