Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Need Your Opinion!

I will be ordering my new business cards soon and I want some opinions on it before I pay the money for it ... (The top image is for the front and the bottom image is for the back) **Please click on the image to see it bigger!

What do you think? Does it stand out enough? If you were seeing it sitting somewhere would you pick it up? I need HONEST opinions so please don't hold back!


Traci said...

Of course I love the business card!! But I love everything you do!! Have you tried making one with brighter pink font? It may pop a little more, but either way I think its perfect :)

Lindsay Gray said...

I love the front! But some fo the back looks a little difficult to read, could you maybe try a different font for some of the text?

Other than that, it looks wonderful!!

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