Friday, October 15, 2010


So I may be bias when I say that I really think that I make the cutest babies ever! I think Hunk and I's combination is really perfect! Little Miss has those big brown eyes, long golden brown hair, beautiful little smile & great personality! Little Man is going to be Mr Tall Dark and Handsome with his dark hair and big blue eyes. And trust me I tell them every day just how beautiful and handsome they are ...

With that being said, I think I have created monsters!

It started when Little Miss was about three months old ... What is "it" you might ask ... Oh FLIRTING! You see, she would see a boy anywhere in a room that she wanted attention from and she would figure out a way to get it. It started out with coy little yells across a room, and when the boy would finally look to see who the screaming child was, she would give him the BIGGES smile and BOOM he was wrapped and instantly was her's. The she learned how to say "Boy" and would call from across the room "BOY!!!...BOY!!!...BOY!!!..." and do this until she once again got the attention she wanted and then batted her big beautiful eyes and gave them that beautiful smile and once again BAM! Now that she is older, she has MASTED this flirting. Let's use one of my husbands friend's as a good example ... We shall call him J.Arbo (for those of you that know us personally you know who I am referring to). You see when Little Miss first set her sights on this boy she had to have him. I will never forget the day he walked in and she proceeded to do a little walk around him, check him out from toe, and then say in the CUTEST voice ever "Heeeeey" and I swear to you I am not lying. And now every time he is over her, she tries to keep his attention on her almost the entire time, she has even asked him to take a bath with her! LOL.

And now Little Man, you see I thought things would be different with him ... But no! Thursday I had surgery to remove my gallbladder and him and the Mr stayed with me. It was a quick one, in at 7am and then home by 10am. And after I was done with the surgery, in the recovery room they came back to sit with me. Well let me tell you... My little 7 WEEK OLD decided to flirt with EVERY nurse that came up and talked to him!! He would give them his cute little smile and then just let out the sweetest little coo!! My baby boy was flirting with women ...

What have I done?!? I just know that these two are going to give us a world of trouble when they are older!! And that is why I have decided to lock them up and trow away the keys :)


Jessica Lynn said...

Hahaha your kids certainly have the charm. Remember when Ains grabbed (smacked?) the waiter's butt at Olive Garden?! Haha, you're going to need several locks and keys!

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