Friday, October 8, 2010

Fill in Friday #16

I know I have missed the past two :( Life has been kiiiiiinda busy since Little Man came into our lives, I am back and I am going to try to keep up again :) LOL ... anyways, here are my answers for Wife of a Sailor's Fill in Friday questions :)

1. What is the longest road trip you’ve ever taken?
That would be when we moved from Texas to Ohio! OMG I will never forget how long and awful that trip was ... not to mention POINTLESS! We only lived in Texas for two weeks before we decided to move back to Ohio, it was like a vacation ... A HORRIBLE, hot, pointless vacation! (*okay rant over sorry about that lol*)

2. Do you collect anything? Tell us a bit about it.
I don't really collect anything ... Wait I take that back, I collect moments in time :) You see when I am not being a Mommy/Housewife I actually own a photography business :) and you know what I looove collecting these moment for my clients and sharing them with the world! (ps if you would like to check out my collection you can see it here: Brooke Ashley Photography)

3. What is your favorite part about being an adult?
Having kids! I love my babies so so much, but I would not of wanted them any earlier in life then I did. I had Little Miss a month before I turned 22 and trust me I had partied enough and was ready to settle down! She forced me to "grow-up" and I am very thankful for that :)

4. What song brings a tear to your eye?
Right now ... "If He's Anything Like Me" - Brad Paisley. It's such a sweet song to a son from a father and it just makes me think of Hunk and Little man<3

5. Describe your first plane ride (how old you were, where you were heading, etc).
I was in the 5th grade and our class went on a school trip from Ohio to Washington, DC for a week. I honestly don't remember anything about the plane ride at all! I just know that we flew and that was my first plane ride ... I wish I could remember more about it lol


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