Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finally Caught It...

Little Man has been smiling for a good two weeks now and I have been trying to capture it since day one, but every time I go to take a picture he sees my big bulky camera and ends up just staring at it and stops smiling.

Well last night Hunk was sitting on the floor with him and Little Man was smiling SO much ... So I went and grabbed my camera and stood back far enough that he couldn't see me and finally got a picture of him smiling! And here it is:

Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen?!?! It for real melts my heart every time he gives me that HUGE toothless smile. I honestly do not remember Little Miss smiling this early or as much as he does. He is such a happy baby :) I love that he smiles so much.

On another note ... I am going into surgery at 615am tomorrow morning to FINALLY get this gallbladder taken out of me! I am so ready for it to be GONE and not cause me any more pain. I went into the ER Sunday night which was an experience let me tell you. After dinner I all of a sudden had a HORRIBLE pain in my stomach. It was so bad that I latterly fell to the floor in pain. The Mr finally convinced me to go to the ER around 9pm. I go there and did not get out until 330am!!! I found out after many blood tests and a CT scan that I had a baseball sized cysts rupture :( It was so not fun at all. And I have been in so much pain from it since then. They gave me some good pain meds though that make me VERY loopy and VERY tired, so I am thankful that Hunk is on leave this week!

I am just so ready to be back to "normal" and not be in pain any more. I am so over this year lol. I am ready to have my old self back. I know that once my gallbladder is gone things will start looking up! At least that's what I keep telling myself!


Jessica Lynn said...

Oh my word, his is just too cute! And he's grown so much! I need to see him!!!

Can't wait for you to feel better...poor thing!

Amanda said...

We had the same trouble getting our youngest's smile photographed. He was such a serious baby. Your Mr. Jayce is adorable. :)

Good luck with your surgery! Gallbladder problems are no fun at all.

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