Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Breaks My Heart...

So I am sure many of you (if not everyone) has heard about the recent spike in teen suicides due to bullying because of people being different. Well I also know that MANY of these suicides were done by the gay youth. I am sickened by all of this and hate that it is happening. It seriously breaks my heart every time I hear about another young person taking their life because they felt like there was/is no other way to make it stop.

Another reason this hits me SO hard is because my brother is one of those that are young and gay in the world and is effected by immature, under educated people, bullies out there in the world. He has had SO many people say and do thing to him that have hurt him. Thank God he is strong enough to know that this people are idiots and has not felt like taking his life was the only way out. I have been there personally when people have verbally attacked him and the rage that I feel must only be 25% of what he feels when people lash out at him.

Tonight he and his boyfriend where minding their own business shopping at Target when they were called out and verbal attacked. Here is his story that he shared with me via facebook:

"L and I were in the Halloween/Christmas area of Target, which is in the back right hand corner, and these three guys were walking away from us towards the food section and were saying shit like "Can you even be that gay?" and making comments like "Want to see my nipple." and lifting up his shirt.

So we ignored them although I kept my eye on them until they were out of sight, so we just make a comment to each other about how we are in Orlando and in the 'college town' part of Orlando and that their redneck-ness is more out of place.

Then we see the same guys coming from the bike/toy are and I said it was time to go and so we started walking down towards the electronics department and they were by the women's clothes and one of the guys comes towards us and yells "FAGS" and I just happen to be by an employee of Target.

I turned around and said loudly that I needed security called on those guys and that what they were doing was a hate crime and he made fun of me and went the other direction, we went to check out and the employee talked to the security. We left with my car keys in between my fingers because that is how unsafe these guys made me feel.

I start to back out and the security guard is running towards the car and so I pull back in to the spot and he apologizes for the guys and makes sure we are okay and while we are talking to him the guys start walking towards my car and waving and laughing.

When I pulled out to drive away they stood in the middle of the road and spit on my car so as soon, and I mean within millimeters of them, I pulled out... rather quickly.

When we got home I called Target and talked to the manager to make sure he knew that the security guard and the other employee did a great job he told me that there were other incidents inside the store that the guys were involved in and that they had attacked someone in the parking lot.

Needless to say L and I will be carrying at the very least pepper spray in the car from now on. If the security guard hadn't been outside with us I'm sure these assholes would have acted out more."

If you don't believe this is happening or are shunning your eyes to what is going on out there then reading that story hopefully gave you a HUGE reality check. This IS happening and we need to do something about it. I don't care if you don't "AGREE" with their lifestyle. They are just trying to live their life and DO NOT deserve what is going on. For those of you that are turning your heads to this because of your beliefs, if this was happening to lets say the mentally handicaps in the world would you still be turning your heads, or would you stand up and fight with them?

You have to remember the gays in the world are just people like us, they love, the hate, the cry, the laugh, the live & they die. Let's not see their life cut short by our hateful actions and words.


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