Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ugh -- Husbands!!

Why ... Why must he tell me these things via text message?!? Yes, I know he was due for a deployment, but I would MUCH rather him tell me this in person so that I can instantly grab him, hold him and cry. But no he tells me over a stinking text message. My heart instantly hits my stomach which makes my stomach fall to my toes. I feel the tears start welling up in my eyes. I take a deep breath and fight them back because I know that tears won't help anything right now. It's going to happen and I just have to start to prepare myself now for it.

Yes I am EXTREMELY thankful that we have short deployments, but it still sucks knowing he will be gone. I hate that he has to leave us behind and miss out on so much while he is gone. I am going to miss him entirely too much. He has been in the service for 6 years, we have been married for (going on) 4 years, and thankfully this will only be our second deployment. I pray that I take this better then the first time. I know this time will be different. This time Ainsley is actually going to understand what is going on and will be asking "Where's Daddy" and it's going to KILL me. I know that this time I will not have family right down the road to escape to when I am feeling low. I know that this time I will have two kids. It's going to SUCK and yes it's going to be challenging, but I WILL get though this and I will come out on top.

So this is the beginning of my Our Deployment Diary blog... I am stating one and will be posting what happened daily so that he sees that we are doing fine and gets his daily dose of pictures. Anyone is welcome to follow it. There is nothing up yet (except for this exact blog post) and won't be till time gets closer for him to leave. This will be SO much easier then emailing pictures!! I got the idea from one of my best friends that is currently doing the same thing for her deployed loved one :)

This is just another part of being a military wife and this is just a way to help me get though it :)


Kathryn said...

I'm sorry brooke, I wish you had better news. :( Let me know if you ever need anything I would be glad to help babysit or make a meal sometime! :)

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