Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Update on Us

Oh the life I live, I really wish I was in an all white padded room sometimes with a "hug-me" jacket on. I have contemplated checking my self in to a crazy house just for like a year ok maybe not a year but a few days would be perfect. I need to get caught up on sleep, I need to build my energy back up, I just need a vacation from life. haha. Couldn't we all use one of those at times?

Can it really be true? Will Little Man be 3 months old in just one short week? That is 1/4 of a year ... Time you really do go by entirely too fast. We had his 2 month well baby check up today, even though he is well over 2 months old lol. He weighed in at 11lbs 11oz (30th percentile), is 23.5in long (51st percentile) & has a head circumference of 42.5cm (90th percentile). He we so awesome at the doctors too, didn't let out a peep, was all smile and giggles :) He is really an AWESOME baby. He has his moments, mainly the things he hates is tummy time, being in a non-moving car, his feet being touched, and waiting for food. He is still quite the little flirt, loves to coo back and forth with momma, cracks up when I "white girl beat boxes at him, loves watching his sister go crazy around the house, is extremely ticklish, has found his hands and loves watching them ... so there is a lot more good then bad with him :) I feel really blessed to have such an amazing little man in my life. Now if only we could get to the sleeping though the night stage then Momma would be 110% happy!!!

Little Mis has defiantly reached the "defiant" stage of her age. Oh man does she know how to push my buttons. We cannot correct her with out her YELLING (I am talking at the top of her lungs) "DON'T BE MAAAAAAAAD" I swear I hate that saying with a passion. She is trying to get out of her daily naptime now too, and let me tell you, that's is so not happening! I look forward to her naptime. But other then testing my patience she is really a sweet girl. She has SUCH an imagination and can remember things so well. I have a feeling she's going to be one of those movie buffs that can remember every little thing about every movie she has seen. She has watched Toy Story 3 at least twice a day for the past two weeks now and can act out scenes from it. It is quite hilarious!! She has me crying from laughing so hard so many times. So as bratty as she is (about 85% of the time) she is really a sweet heart and can make any bad day better.


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