Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Wish List

So I don't know about you but I still put together a Christmas wish list every year, even though I am 25 years young. It's just so much easier to send family members a link when they ask what you want for Christmas!!

This year I did it though Amazon Wish Lists. It was SO much easier then sending people from one website to another. (Plus if you install their Wish List Browser Button it makes things even easier!)

Here are just a few things on my wish list this year:

Poppy by Coach -- I looooooove this scent oh so very much!! It's light and fun and flirty :) It's one of the top things on my wish list!!

The new Nano, in pink of course. I am sick of sharing with the hubby so I want my own. ;)

A 4 Million Dollar Bag from Crumpler. It's the perfect comfy home for Loucille (yes I named my camera, be jealous)

How cute is this camera necklace?!? I love it and want it so badly (I think it would be a perfect fit in my stocking ;)

Okay so this is just too much fun not to have on my list! It's a Canon Lens cup!! Too flippin funny!!

So those are just a few of the items I am hoping Santa brings me this year :) What's on your list??


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