Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Five

Mrs. Gambizzle over at Life as Sailor's Girl hosts this cute little Thursday Five where she gives you five words and you have to incorporate them into five things that happened to you over the past week.

This week's words are:

ONE. I am so very happy to know that I will be getting this gallbladder OUT of me soon.

TWO. I am feeling so so so joyous that my bestest friend will be here in just a short 16 days -- Eeeek!

THREE. I get so giggly every time I see a smile on my baby boys face :)

FOUR. I am so lucky to have two amazing little kiddos that fill my heart with more love then I have ever known.

FIVE. I am so so so thankful to my hubby for letting me sleep in or nap when I am in pain or feeling crappy.


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