Monday, September 6, 2010

Two Weeks Old

Okay time you can start slowing down now! I remember with Little miss wanting time to speed up so I could see her walk and talk, and now (sometimes okay a lot of the time) I wish she would just sit still and be quiet! (If you are a mom you understand ;) But with Little man I am in NO RUSH at all to see him grow up. I wish he would stay little forever and just nap on my chest and give me those sweet gas smiles :)

I am in shock that it has been two weeks already! And once again here are things that I learned and don't want to forget:

You look AMAZING in navy blue
You peed ALL OVER Grumpa
You are following things with your eyes already
You looooooove to watch football
Your belly button fell off
You got extremely spoiled by your grandparents
You looooooove your play mat
You sister was sick and was ordered not to go near you by the doctor -- it was so sad.
We found Daddy's baby picture and you look JUST like he did, so now he has been calling you "mini me"
I had to switch you to Dr Browns bottles b.c the ones you were on made you really gassy and have tummy aches :(
Grandma took you on your first walk around the neighborhood
You are not so found of being swaddled any more
You do not like tummy time
Nights were kinda rough this week, but you are so worth it!


Jessica Lynn said...

Now that his belly button is off I will gladly come hang out with him (and you!) allll the time!

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