Saturday, September 11, 2010


Never Forget....

Freedom was attacked this morning by a faceless coward and freedom will be defended.
-George W. Bush

I can remember I was in my US History class when the principal came over the intercom and announced that everyone turn on the TVs in the class rooms to the news channel, that there was something happening that would be embed in the history books.

I remember the teacher turning on the TVs just as the second plane hit the tower.

I can remember thinking "what is going on?"

I can remember being pissed.upset.hurt.confused.

I can remember thinking that my Dad would be going away for a long time b.c of this.

I can remember doing nothing the rest of the day at school but watching the news in all our classes.

I can remember not having an appetite at lunch.

I can remember calling my Dad later that night and crying on the phone.

I can remember a week later my Dad calling to let us know he was leaving for war and wasn't sure when he was going to be able to call again.

I can remember crying for a week stright.

I can remember thinking that life would never be the same.....

They asked our grandparents...

"Where were you when Pearl Harbor was attacked?"

They asked our parents...

"Where were you when President Kennedy was shot?"

And they'll ask us year after year...

"Where were you when the towers fell?"

What do you remember about the day that changed the life of every American?


Layla said...

Your post gave me chills, because you're right. It's our generations "where were you?" and I hope it stays that way. I hope we never forget. <3

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