Monday, December 27, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Wow, the last time I blogged was Thanksgiving ::hangs head in shame::

I guess you can say life got INSANE!!! *D* was in ALS for the month of Dec. and seemed to be always busy studying or writing papers, so I really didn't have any free time between taking care of the kiddos, the house & doing some last minute photography gigs :) but it really paid off for seeing as he got Distinguished Graduate :) I am very proud of him for working so hard!!!

In other news Little Man is now 4 months old ... 4 MONTHS OLD, where the heck has the time gone?!?! I mean really it's so crazy how fast life goes by!! He "baby talks" so much now! It really is the cutest thing EVER! And over Christmas weekend he got really good at rolling over from his back to belly, so now that's all he does when he is one the floor. But the thing is, he HATES being on his belly!!! So he rolls, is good for a few minutes & then freaks out b.c he can't get back to his back. So now we are working on trying to teach him how to get from stomach to back ;) But he is growing like a weed!!! I had to take him to an appointment b.c he broke out in eczema and found out he is 14lbs & 24in long!!! Now I know to most people you think "that's a normal sized baby" but let me tell you, to me he is HUGE!! Let me compare him to little miss ... when she was ONE YEAR old she ONLY weighed 18lbs and he is already 14lbs and is only 4 months old! So yes, to me he is HUGE! lol.

Can I just take a moment to say my kids are spoiled ROTTEN!! Christmas was this past weekend and we decided to wait till Christmas morning to open ALL the presents. In the past we open gifts from the family on Christmas Eve but Little Miss was in a HORRIBLE mood (due to no nap) so we sent her to bed early that night. Well let me tell you once we got ALL the presents in the living room, it literally looked like a toy store thew up in our living room! LOL. This was the first year that Little Miss has REALLY understood what was going on and has been SO excited for Christmas, so I wanted to make it a memorable one for her and I maaaaaaaaaay have gone over board ... just a little ... ok just A LOT, but hey, it was SO worth it!!! I have never seen her so excited :) I promise a blog post with pictures will be up soon!!!

So that's pretty much everything that has been going on over in our neck of the woods :) I promise to never go that long with out a post again!!! Now that *D* is out of ALS I will have a lot more free time!! I hope you all had a GREAT Holiday!!!!


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