Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Melt My Heart

So hear lately I have had a VERY fussy baby boy on my hands. I think he is starting to teeth. It's been so so so bad lately. And then one day while he was SCREAMING and I was trying EVERYTHING to get him to clam down, I sat down in our rocking chair, cuddled him close & just started singing "You are my Sunshine" to him, and just like that... He stopped, looked up at me & got the biggest sweetest toothless grin on his face... Then he started laughing at me, probably because I don't have the best singing voice, but hey he wasn't crying and to me that was SO much better! So from then on, when he is really fussy and won't stop crying, all I have to do is rock him, cuddle him real close and sing this song to him and it just brings my sweet, lovable baby boy back and it pretty much melts my heart each and every time :)


LindsaySG13 said...

I remember when a friend of mine took her 4 month old into her wellness appointment and she said, "I think my daughter is teething. She has never been this fussy!" And her doctor looked at her, called her crazy, and said that it's impossible for 4 month old's to be teething. They WON'T stop teething until about 6 months. Call us crazy? That doctor is nuts! Some kids are born with teeth and you're saying that it's impossible for a 4 month old to teeth? I know my son was at 4 months and he's had a couple of sharp spots on his gums that I could feel. He still has those and he's 6 months. I'm so glad you found something to help him. Screaming babies can make you want to scream with them!

McDancer said...

This song has a similar effect on my lil man. My mom used to sing it to me when I was sad and now I sing it to him :)

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