Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Blog!!

Guess you can say I am jumping on the band wagon of all my fellow mommy bloggers. I have been blogging my photography for over a year now but I figured I should start one about the life of the Armendingers too ;o)

As many of you know I am currently preggo with baby Armendinger #2! I am so excited about this pregnancy. Little Miss is at that stage where she LOVES babies and she is VERY sweet to all her baby dolls. She sees a baby when we are out in public and just wants to love on it and give it a big hug and kiss. I cannot believe she will be 3 this year. Where has the time gone? She is growing up waaaaaaay too fast. She is talking up a storm and has a HUGE imagination! I love watching her play by herself.

This past weekend Grumpa & KiKi came up to visit and Grumpa taught her the "chicken butt" joke so now all day I hear "Momma guess what" and I say "What" then she goes "Chicken Butt" and CRACKS up laughing then says "Got you Momma" like I didn't know I was coming I give her a HUGE laugh and she just lights up and laughs harder. I love that lil booger butt so so so much. She makes my days so amazing! I cannot wait to see her with the new baby!!

Today I find out what baby #2 is. I am really thinking it's a boy! I really want Hunk to have a son. I mean of course I will be happy with either one, but I only want two kids so a boy would be perfect! I will be posting another blog later on today letting everyone know what the baby is!!

Well I must go do the mommy/house wife thing now! Have an amazing day!!


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