Thursday, April 8, 2010

Atlanta Zoo Trip

This past weekend my Dad & Step Mom came up to visit us for Easter weekend. While they were here we decided that it was time to finally make a trip up to the Atlanta Zoo!! I LOVE this Zoo so so so much! There is TONS of shade from all the trees!! If you are ever able to make a trip there I HIGHLY suggest it!!

Here are some of the images I snapped while we were there:

This was the very first picture I took at the Zoo of Little Miss! She was VERY excited to see the animals! I love the smile she gave me, I don't think it could have been any bigger!

Many of you know that flamingos are my FAV animal ... I was a lil disappointed that these weren't as pink as I had hoped, but here they are any way :o)

We went into the parakeet cage and this sign was right when you walked in ... Couldn't help but laugh and take a pic!

And here are the petty parakeets ... We had quite a few of these birds as pets growing up ... Sadly each of them either flew way or died!!

This warthog decided he would be nice and rub his butt on the wall for Little Miss. She was yelling "Ewwwwwwwwwwww ... poopie!!!" LOL.

Watching the elephants ...

This elephant is getting out of a mud hole ... Thought it would be neat to show it as a collage.

Having fun with Kiki & Grumpa at the Zoo :o)

Checking out the meerkats with Kiki ... She thought there were Kittys and wanted to stay and watch them alllllllllll day lol.

A meerkat and one of the giraffes.

Hanging out with Daddy :o)

This gorilla came and sat right in front of the window so I could take a picture of him :o)

Grumpa showing Little Miss the gorilla and taking a picture. I totally took this picture with the camera above my head ... LOL, people must have thought I was crazy!

Another gorilla outside. The zoo had an Easter egg hunt for them, we just missed it, and this gorilla is sitting on one of the eggs hiding it from the others lol.

Okay so growing up my brother had a stuffed monkey that was his BEST friend. He named him Gramps, well when I saw this monkey my brother's monkey popped into my head. If Gramps was a real monkey this would be him!

Finally a couple pictures of me and my baby girl :o)

Our final stop at the Zoo was the petting zoo. My daughter does NOT like being dirty at all ... So this really wasn't that fun for her. In the first image she is saying "stinky" and holding her nose and in the second image Kiki is trying to get her to pet a pig. This defiantly was not one of Little Miss' fav moments of the zoo lol.

Once again I hope you enjoyed! Have a great day!!


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