Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cherry Blossom Festavial 2010

My Mom, Step Dad & Brother came here for the weekend a couple weekends ago & we got a chance to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival for the first time. Let me tell you, there were defiantly some characters that showed up it lol. But all in all it was a good weekend. Although, Tom now knows that we NEVER EVER go to Georgia "flea markets" hahaha.

This first image is one that I snapped of some wind chimes, I just love all the pretty colors!!

This next one my brother actually took. I just love all the colors in this as well! I love it when the sky is blue like this! Makes the day just that much better!

Check out the size of this horse ... I mean dog! But really Little Miss could have gone on a pony ride on this thing!!

Just another pretty picture of a building, the blue sky & cherry blossoms!

My Mom and Step Dad with the city and traffic behind them.

Recently (because of the show Little Bear) Little Miss has a new obsession with mermaids, and let me tell you she FREAKED when she saw a stand selling them! So thank you Papaw Tom for buying this $12 mermaid ... It is now her best friend and goes EVERYWHERE with her!

I love it when I catch moments like this between Hunk and Little Miss. He is SUCH a good Daddy and loves that lil girl so so much. In this moment he is trying to get her to give him a kiss and she is telling him no b.c he is a yucky frog. She got that from the movie The Princess and the Frog.

Now for some family pics in front of the cherry blossoms.
This is me and my WONDERFUL hubby & then my Mom, Step Dad & Little Miss!

Mom was trying to give Little Miss a kiss and shes decided to be silly and make everyone laugh by doing a kissy face. She cracks me up!

This picture pretty much describes my brother, my mom & me to a 'T' ... *S* being uber sarcastic, my mom totally lost as to what is going on around her, and me being a super dork. LOL but I love this picture so so much!

Now he is one that shows that deep down we really do love each other ... Most of the time ;o)

And finally me and my brother being us. He is honestly my best friend and I really don't know what I would do without him in my life. He lives in Orlando now and I sure do miss living right down the road from each other. But I know that no matter what he is one of the only people I can truly count on in this world. He sets me straight when I need it and can make me laugh like no other. I love him so so much and am so thankful that I have such an amazing brother!!

Well I hope you enjoyed this super long post!! Have a great day!


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