Thursday, July 22, 2010

You Capture: Black & White

So I have been looking for fun things to do on a weekly basis with this blog and I came across You Capture Thursday through Household 6 Diva's Photography link and it seems like a neat thing to try out!! So I am going to start **attempting** to do this weekly. But don't quote me on that one ;)


So this weeks challenge is Black and White and I knew the exact pictures I wanted to use ...

My youngest sister is visiting me from Ohio to help me out with Little Miss before baby *J* comes :) She has been SUCH a big help!! Her and Little Miss get along SO well and I really see them being life long friends. (I could even see them being in each other's weddings ... of course that is many many MANY years from now, but that is just the bond that I see happening between them.)

Anyways ... So I took them to the park on base and there were TONS of dragonflies. So being the kids that they are ... They were on a mission to catch one :) Let's just say they didn't get any ... The sound of the dragonfly's wings would scare them and they would then let the dragonfly go ... But it was SO cute to watch them try to get them!!


Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

So cute! (I mean the girls. ha)

If you want, I do a Fun Mom Friday carnival - it will be up in the morning. :)

Lisa said...

The dragonfly shot is amazing!

Naomi said...

Cute! Love the dragonfly pic!

Bunch of Barrons said... that close-up of the dragonfly! Those things scare me. ;) Haha!

myorii said...

Totally agree with the others...that shot of the dragonfly is amazing!

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