Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yesterday was a rough one for me!! I woke up in HORRIBLE pain that I thought were contractions ... but were not. Of course it had to end up happening on a day that my hubby was flying so being the strong headed person I am, I tried to just push though it and get though the day with the pain till he got home.

As the day went on the pain got worse and WORSE. When he finally got home it was literally unbearable! It was so bad that it was making me sweat and shake. I finally broke down and called my doctor to see what I should do. I told her that the pain was in my upper abdominal and was constant ... as in NO break from the pain. She told me to go into L&D. Which at that point I start freaking out ...

I am only 36 weeks peggo as of today, I am not ready for this baby to come and now every single worst case scenario is going though my head. So I called a friend of mine to come keep an eye on the girls and off the hubby and I went to the hospital.

**Side note: I never realized how bumpy the roads are until I feel every single one and it is like a knife to my stomach every time we hit one ... UGH - Worst car ride EVER!

So we get to L&D and I swear it took 2 hours to get checked in before we could even go back. I am sitting there crying b.c it hurts so much and the questions just keep coming ... "Do you work" ... "What's a good phone number ..." yadda yadda yadda ... Woman I just want to go back and figure out what the hell is going on with me ...

When we finally get back and get all hooked up, the "fun" starts *rolls eyes* ... The nurse comes in and asks me questions ... Then tells me that it's either my appendix or my gallbladder ... Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat I think. Of course it is. This has been my pregnancy from HELL so of course it has to be something serious. Then my doctor comes ... And pokes my stomach -- OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH! I don't think I have felt that much pain all at once ... EVER! She tells me the same thing ... Appendix or gallbladder ... They are going to run some labs, get an ultra sound, and keep me over night. Not what I wanted to here. Oh and if it is the appendix it will be coming out ... TOMORROW! OMGsh ... how am I going to push a kid out of me while trying to recover from surgery is the first thought that goes though my mind! I don't want this to happen ...

Turns out it's my gallbladder -- THANK GOD ... not good news but better then it being my appendix!! So long story short, I will be getting my gallbladder removed after my 6 week check up ... And I have decided that there will be NO MORE babies for the Armendinger's after this one. I have had my fair share of worry, stress, pain, heartbreak and I am just done. We have our little girl and a soon to be little boy and I think that I am perfectly happy with that :)


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