Thursday, May 6, 2010

Summer Heat, ALREADY?!

DAMN IT'S HOT. Sorry to start off this blog that way but it's true! It's not even June yet and we have seen temps in the 90s almost on a daily basis for about a week now. It's kinda crazy! I dread going anywhere durring the day because I know that I will swell up!

Being preggo in the summer is NOT fun! You are already hot because you are cookin' a baby and then you have to deal with the heat & humidity! I would rather stay in side and be a hermit then venture out durring the day and risk the swelling.

I really should have planned this pregnancy a lil better. I had Little Miss in early Aug. 2007 and about DIED then. I told myself to NEVER get pregnant to where I would be big and preggo in the summer again, but as we know that is now happening again & this time I have to go ALL THE WAY to the END of Aug. which is the worst in the South!

I feel bad b.c I know Littel Miss hates sitting in the house all the time and there are things that I would love to take her do. Like right now Lane Packing has their strawberry picking and I want to take her SO SO SO bad ... I know I will probally just deal with the heat one day and take her lol. (It will make for some uber cute pics lol) And then of course I want to let her plan in her pool but the house we are in now has like NO YARD so it's hard to find a spot to put it. Once we get into the new house I will be able to set it up in the backyard :o)

But yea, summer heat SUCKS and the humidity does not make it any better. I am already ready for fall! Can we just fastforward to the end of Aug? Please?!


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